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The simplest plan for those who start
1.99 /monthly
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    1 Domain
  • 1 GB
  • Accounts (1 GB)
  • (200 MB)
    1 DBs
  • SSL certificatesL
    100% Free
The most jumping and versatile plan.
4.99 /monthly
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    5 Domains
  • 10 GB
  • Accounts (10 GB)
  • (Unlimited MB)
    10 DBs
  • SSL certificates
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The most complete and powerful mammal hosting.
9.99 /monthly
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    Unlimited domains
  • unlimited GB
  • Accounts (unlimited GB)
    Unlimited email accounts
  • (unlimited)
    DBs unlimited
  • SSL certificates
    100% Free
hardware servidores

TOP hardware for your website

All hostings are hosted on own servers, owned by Koalus, in a neutral and leading data center in Barcelona. Our infrastructure guarantees the availability and best performance of the servers, so that you only have to worry about your website.

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Make a WordPress website in seconds

With just a few clicks, with the Koalus Panel you can auto-install CMS like WordPress in literally seconds. In addition, Koalus hostings are optimized for the perfect functioning of the main CMS. Thought everything works like clockwork.

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web wordpress en segundos dibujo

icono seguridad

Safe as a wall

We have physical and digital security systems to defend your website from any attack. In addition to all hosting plans we give you free SSL security certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting (FAQs)

What do I need to make a website?
  • To be able to have your website ready in minutes you only need two things: your own domain and web hosting or hosting. The first thing you will have to do is register a domain to be able to associate it with your website. You will also need a hosting, which will allow you to have your website or professional mail.

Can I buy a hosting without a domain?
  • Of course! To link your purchased domain with another provider you must put the server names "" and "" to link it with your Koalus hosting.

How do I link my domain (previously purchased) with my new Koalus hosting?
  • From the control panel of your domain registrar you have to put the server names (or "nameservers or DNS"): "" and "" (without quotes). Once they are on, you will have the domain linked to your Koalus hosting.

Is there permanence?
  • There is no permanence, you can unsubscribe at the time you prefer and not pay more.

Why hiring hosting monthly is more expensive than annually?
  • There are billing aspects that are beyond our control, such as bank commissions or payment platforms. For each payment we are charged a commission, so the annual plans (where you pay only once) are cheaper compared to the monthly ones (where 1 payment is made each month).

What do I earn with a hosting in Koalus (hosted in Europe) as opposed to one with data center to another country?
  • The closer your clients' server is, the better. Search engines (Google, Bing ...) will better position your website in search results. In addition, your page will load faster, among other advantages. We recommend that you read the 10 reasons to choose Koalus ..