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3 Tips to get a good domain

Choosing a good domain is key to success! You can follow some of these tips to find the one that suits you best.

Use keywords associated with your service or project

Find a domain that contains words that are related to your service or project. It will help to find you!

Bet on new extensions

.com .net or .es are too seen. There are many new and great extensions that adapt to your project. How about a .newyork, an .info or a .ninja?

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Choose a short and easy domain

The shorter and easier it is to remember a domain, it will be easier for them to find you. Forget complicated names and have them find you!

Domain Characteristics

These are the features and services available to all Koalus customers for free

Our own control panel
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Frequently Asked Questions about Domains (FAQs)

What is a domain?
  • A domain is a unique and exclusive name given to a website on the internet. An example is the domain koalus.com ;)

Can I buy a domain without buying a hosting?
  • Of course! Both domains and web hosting can be purchased separately.

                               For each domain that you register with us we will provide you with the possibility of changing the names of the server ("nameservers"), so that you can choose with which server or hosting you want to use it, whether or not those of Koalus.

Which domain is better for my website? (.com, .newyork, .org, .uk ...)
  • Each type of domain has its own characteristics. The .com is the most used in the world, initially oriented to companies but currently used for any purpose.                             The .org is more focused on non-profit organizations or entities.                            The .uk is intended for websites in the United Kingdom, while the .us for Americans, or the .eu for European websites. You are free to choose the domain that you like, you just have to take into account the requirements of the regional domains (.cat and .es).

If I buy a domain in Koalus, can I link it to an external hosting?
  • In the Koalus control panel you have the option to change the server names (or "nameservers") so that it is you who chooses with which server and hosting you want to link domain, whether or not Koalus.