The Koalus data center

Neutral, equipped with the latest technologies and in Barcelona.

Your web in good hands

We are hosted on BitNap, one of the continent's most modern data centers.

icono neutrales

We are neutral, we connect directly with CATNIX, ESPANIX and other neutral points to not depend on network operators.

High security

The data center is under 24-hour surveillance in a redundant and secure building.

We adapt to your project

We adapt to any project, we have no limitations of hardware, IPs, network or electricity.

Modern Datacenter, the best hardware

We have powerful and optimized servers for the project, so that they can load the webs as quickly as possible.

We also constantly update the equipment and technologies we use.


Maximum security

Security is very important for any web developer and in Koalus we take it very seriously. From the physical security of the hardware housed in a high security building with 24-hour surveillance on and with both electricity and data systems and everything redundant.

We also have an advanced anti-DDoS system and security for all hosts. In any case, we also offer hostings different options so that customers can easily make backup copies of their websites and data.


Nutrals, benefit your SEO

EKoalus datacenter is located in a strategic location in terms of fiber optic connectivity. Your web hosting is connected directly to the main neutral points of connection, such as Catnix or ESpanix (between more centers) so that your web is connected directly to the world without depending on intermediaries.

Have the center of Data in Barcelona is a great advantage for your website, starting because it will load faster for your customers from Spanish territory until it will benefit from SEO (positioning) and will appear in the search engines (Google, Bing ...) higher than your competition. .